Thursday, 16 July 2020 19:05

The Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Technology holds a seminar entitled: "Maintaining an SD-WAN using dynamic policy"

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The Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Technology held an electronic seminar for graduate students (master's) research stage and on the electronic platform

 Where the initial discussion of the student (Alaa Mahmoud Aziz Hamza) was done for her research tagged:

"Maintaining SD-WAN Service Using Dynamic Policy"

 "SD-WAN service maintained with dynamic policy"

 Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ryad Jabbar Sudani and Prof. Dr. Amir Musa Thuwaini and under the direction of the Scientific deputy  Dr. Ahmed Sabah Al-Araji, the session head of the Department Prof. Dr. Hassan Jalil Hassan and a number of professors and graduate students attended the session on Sunday, corresponding to 12 7/2020 two o'clock in the afternoon

Achieving the ever-increasing quality of service requirements is a major concern on the current Internet, as the existing networks are not able to provide these requirements, and therefore a better alternative solution, the SD-WAN, had to be used because it has capabilities that enable it to harness smart applications to dynamically manage the network according to the changing requirements The service you provide.

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