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The University of Technology and Al-Farahidi inaugurates the first international conference in sustainable engineering and technology:

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Under the sponsorship of Excellency Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Nabil Kazem Abdel Saheb, the 1st International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Technology was held, INTCSET2020 at Al-Farahidi University, jointly with the University of Technology, in the presence of representative of Excellency Minister, President of Baghdad University, Prof. Dr. Munir Hamid Al-Saadi, Undersecretary of Planning Ministry, and from the University of Technology Presidency, each of Scientific Assistant Prof. Haider Abed Dahd, representing the President of the University and the Administrative Assistant, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim and the head of Mechanical Engineering Department, the head of Material Engineering Department, the director of Media and Public Relations Department, the Assistant Director of the Divan Affairs department, Academics and Researchers from various public and private Iraqi universities, and Universal Universities as well.

The opening session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Obaidi, Director of Environmental Research Center at UOT for the period (15-16-12-2020) at the Al-Farahidi Hall under the slogan (Referred Scientific Research, Sustainable Development Portal)

This conference comes within Memorandum of Understanding items that held between Al-Farahidi University and UOT - Mechanical Engineering Department late last year.

The opening ceremony of the conference began national rhyem and reading verses from the Holy Quran, followed by reading Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, after which Professor Dr. Tariq Hafzi Al-Khayyat, President of Al-Farahidi University, gave a speech that began by welcoming the participants and the guests of the first international conference in the campus that had made steady steps in the fields of science and creativity. It achieves the goals for which it was founded.


The speech of the representative of UOT President, Prof. Dr. Haider Abdel-Dahd, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, in which he praised the conference organization between UOT and Al-Farahidi University, which represents an important event in cooperation procedure between public and private universities, which in turn enhances the possibility of scientific, cognitive and logistical integration between universities. UOT at the top of Iraqi universities in the fields of global scientific publishing and international rankings, as he praised the role of Al-Farahidi University in the process of academic discrete and scientific development, and that this university will have a great role in the future.

The head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Muayad Razzouki, gave a speech before the end of the conference about memorandum of understanding that held between the two universities and the idea of ​​holding, preparing and forming committees for this conference despite the exceptional circumstances due to (Covid-19) pandemic. The head of the department praised the efforts made by the conference committees And the Organizing Committee in particular, headed by Prof. Dr. Mohsen Gabr, who had a great role in organizing the work and acheving nearly (200) research according to solid scientific procedures, and he ended his speech with thanks and appreciation to researchers and scientific evaluators and the presidency o UOT and Farahidi for the continuous support to success the conference.

the second day of conference works is took place at the UOT campus in Mechanical Engineering Department's halls, when the session began with a number of scientific research discussion that participate the conference at Dr. Munir Muzaffar’s hall, where the session was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. (Ikhlas Muhammad Al-Fayyad) and Assistant Professor Dr. (Adel Mahmoud Saleh) as Rapporteur, as the following researches were discussed:


- Evaluation of the solar system with a chimney in the ventilation of the closed space (numerical analysis) by the researcher Dr. (Hassanein Adnan Abdel-Wahab)

- The effect of natural additions on the properties of tensile strength and curvature of PMMA used in the manufacture of dentures. It was delivered by Dr. (Faraj Mahal Muhammad)

- The statistical determination of the effect of adding aluminum fines on the mechanical properties of composite materials. It was delivered by Dr. (Faraj Mahal Muhammad)

- Numerical study of the effect of the geometric shape parameter on the thermal-hydraulic performance of a heat exchanger with metallic foam. It was delivered by Ph.D. student (Noor Muhammad Jassim).

- Remove pollutants from a virtual operating room. Delivered by (Lec. Waqas Ali)

- Design and manufacture of the modern smart knee joint for above knee amputee. Delivered by; PhD student (Shaima Hilal).

- Finding and analyzing the residual stresses of AISI D2 tool steel in electric discharge operation. It was delivered by Dr. (Raed Rasheed).

After that, Prof. Dr. Sabah Tariq chaired the session and Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohsen Nouri; as a rapporteur. The conference came out with the most important recommendations:-

- going on after hold the conference in its international feature in the coming years and moving towards other sober international institutions and bodies to adopt and support the conference and publish its research in solid global containers.

- Increasing the conference effectiveness through establishment of workshops, scientific seminars and exhibitions of posters and devices during holding period.

- Inviting Iraqi professors, researchers and students from outside Iraq to expand participation and give a greater international character.

- Expanding the conference to include all disciplines related to engineering specialties, such as medical, agricultural and scientific specialties.

At the end, the head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. (Moayad Razooqi) presented shields and certificates to the committees' members and all who contributed to the conference success.


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