Wednesday, 10 February 2021 09:51

Civil Engineering Department, hold a workshop about Smart Census

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Under the sponsorship and presence of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, President of UOT, the Geomatics Engineering Branch of Civil Engineering Department at UOT held a workshop about

(Smart Census)

The workshop aimed to clarify the vision and presenting modern technology for global applications by conducting a general census in order to obtain the latest international experiences in Iraq.

As the population census is considered a national project, one of the projects hold by countries

Both parties agreed in this meeting to form a joint committee, technical and specialized of Civil Engineering Department, included, General Director of Information Technology and heads of technical departments in the Central Statistical Organization to communicate with the company in all the details of the applications to discuss if it is fit and make use of them in the Central Statistical Organization of Iraq.

The workshop attended by the Present Assistant of Scientific Affairs UOT, Prof. Haider Abd Dhahd and Dr. Mahdi Mohsen Al-Alaq / Census consultant at the United Nations Statistics Fund,

Dyaa Awad Kahdim the Director of Central Statistical Organization and Mr. Abbas Abdul-Kadhim, General Director of Information Technology of Central Statistical Organization, faculty numbers and Department employees to introduce a detailed presentation about Hexagon, that is number of companies prepare their software applications about Smart Census.



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