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Computer Engineering Dept. Hosts a Workshop Entitled: (Women's Rights in Iraqi Law)

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  Computer Engineering Dept.  Hosts a Workshop Entitled: (Women's Rights in Iraqi Law) 

According to  the directions of the President of U.O.T., Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghaban, to highlight the issue of women’s rights in Iraqi law and on the occasion of the United Nations declaring 25th  of Nov. of each year the International Day for Combating Violence against Women.

 Computer Eng. Dept.  at U.O.T. , in cooperation with the Women Empowerment Unit at the University, held a workshop entitled: (Women’s Rights in Iraqi Law) on Sunday 28/11/2021 and in the department conference room and in the presence of a number of teaching staffs, employees and students of the department.

This workshop was prepared by the head of the Women's Empowerment Unit at the university, Chief. Engineers Zina H. Al-Sabbagh, with the support of lawyer Marwa A.  Al-Zayer, with the participation of the representative of Women's Affairs in the Department of Computer Engineering, Dr. Sahar A. Aboud, and the responsible for the Committee on Educational Guidance and Psychological Guidance, Dr. Ghayda M. Abdul Sahib.

The workshop included introducing the concept of international and national legal frameworks to combat violence against women and raising awareness of the most important laws that established provisions related to women’s rights in Iraqi law, and clarifying some of the items guaranteed by the state to provide all opportunities for women to enable them to participate fully and effectively in political, social and cultural life.

Al-Sabbagh touched on various legislative and civil laws, in addition to the personal status law, some marriage laws, maternity protection, labor laws, protecting women from sexual harassment, and ensuring a work environment free of all kinds of discrimination, in addition to an explanation of Introduction to Iraqi law and the stages of its accession to CEDAW member states.

It included a detailed explanation of the most important laws that contribute to the development of women in society, as well as shedding light on unfair laws on women's rights.

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