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Department of Mechanical Engineering holds a meeting of its general assembly

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Department of Mechanical Engineering holds a meeting of its general assembly

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the university held a meeting of its general assembly at the hall of the late Dr. (Munir Al-Mudhaffar), in the presence of the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs, Prof.Dr. Haider Eid Dahoud and the teaching staff in the department.

The meeting dealt with a number of important topics related to:

- Raising the scientific level of students admitted to the preliminary studies by improving the central admission plan and raising student acceptance rates at the university.

Re-working to grant the exceptional extension for postgraduate students, especially for doctoral students.

Discussing the problems that accompanied the evening study during the current period and urging the teachers to move forward to continue the teaching process.

Discussing the exam mechanism and the study materials for which the physical or electronic exam is performed according to the pre-established instructions.

Encouraging teachers to continue scientific research and highlighting the preparation of scientific research and publishing within the solid scientific publishing containers, and identifying problems that hinder the research path and ways to advance it.


  In line with the directions of the department’s presidency and a legacy that the department’s members used to honor the retired teachers and employees, the department head, Dr. Prof. Dr. Moayyed Razzuqi Hassan, presented souvenirs in honor of their efforts during their scientific career, which provided a large group of generations with different sciences in the march Full of academic, moral and educational achievements, he also presented souvenirs to the families and families of the teachers and employees who died due to the complications of the Corona virus, praying to the Almighty God to wrap them in peace.

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