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A Workshop on Remote Sensing Applications in Civil Engineering Dept.

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Civil Engineering Dept. at U.O.T.  held a remote sensing and GIS research unit, a workshop entitled:-

(Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Water Studies)

The workshop was held on the meeting room in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hassan H. Jouni, Head of the  Department and Asst.  Prof. Dr. Qais Jawad Freih/ administrative assistant and a number of professors and lecturers of the department.

The workshop dealt with the latest techniques, programs and remote sensing data that are used in analysis and modeling for water studies, which helps to make a better decision regarding water resource management and locate better hydraulic installations.

The  workshop was held in cooperation of Remote Sensing Research Unit and researchers from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

The lecturers are:-

1-Dr. Sameh Wissam (Ph.D. in Water Resources/ Germany.

2- Dr. Arsalan Ahmed Othman (Ph.D. in Geology).

3- Remote Sensing / Iraq Sulaymaniyah - University of Freiberg, Germany

The workshop management was organized by Dr. Amjad Al-Hamidawi/ unit manager, and the unit’s staff, represented by Asst. Prof.  Muthana Abdul Hamid, Asst. Lect. Tay Hatim, and Eng. Ali Abed Aoun.

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