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Biomedical Engineering Dept. Holds a Festival for Students' Activities

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Under the sponsorship of the President of U.O.T., Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghaban, the Biomedical Engineering Dept.  held its first festival for students, “Students'  Activities Festival” in the Student Club for Innovators, with the presence of the  Vice –President  for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dhahad , Head of the Dept. Prof. Dr. Wisam Kadhim Hamdan, lecturers  and university students.

The exhibition aimed to showcase the elites of students' innovations

Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghaban, said the University of Technology is proud of its students and innovators, and the university actively supports all these innovations, which are very impressive scientific products and ideas that rise to be great ideas. He added many of these ideas are the beginnings of graduation projects, some of which the university will adopt to prepare future studies. We hope that it will have a special aspect of sober global scientific publication.

He emphasized  on the scientific research takes from the ideas of young people as futuristic, and also on the second side of the exhibition we saw artistic innovations, which contain very impressive drawings and student innovations in an elevated style to be beautiful icons.

Prof. Dr.  Wisam Kadhim Hamdan, said with great pride that the first festival for student activities was inaugurated, which includes two pavilions. The  goal of the dept.  was to have students' projects in an applied direction. As for the second pavilion of cultural activities, which include drawing, calligraphy and sculpting In addition to the other works.

 He  added, these activities are part of the first works that will be reflected and larger in the cultural season of the University of Technology. Another course for his students. The festival concluded with the distribution of certificates of appreciation by the president of the university to all students participating in the exhibition.



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