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Civil Engineering Department holds an orientation lecture on the role of psychological counseling

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Civil Engineering Department holds an orientation lecture on the role of psychological counseling

Sponsored by Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Joni, Head of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Technology and the Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance Committee in the department, held an educational guidance lecture for students in the department’s conference hall, entitled:

The role of psychological counseling and educational guidance in improving the educational process

The lecture was attended by the head of the department and the administrative assistant ,prof. Dr. Qais Jawad Freeh and a number of heads of engineering branches, teachers, affiliates and students of the department

The lecture was delivered by Dr. Firas Abbas Fadhel, Head of the Psychological Counseling and University Educational Guidance Division at the University of Technology

During which he discussed the goals of psychological counseling in providing psychological services to individuals who suffer from psychological, emotional or social problems, with the aim of overcoming them, limiting their negative effects and consequences, and striving to achieve the individual's personal goals.

Whereas, educational guidance seeks to assist the student in understanding his educational problems through knowing himself and his abilities to reach the appropriate solution that contributes to setting future goals that contribute to achieving himself.

 In the end, the door for questions and discussion was opened, and a number of students and professors participated in the discussion

The head of the department praised the efforts during the valuable lecture and the important information, which in turn leads to instilling principles, moral and social values ​​and ideals in the hearts of students, and a commitment to university norms and campus ethics.

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