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Civil Engineering Dept.  Holds a Symposium  on Violence Against Children

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 Civil Engineering Dept.  Holds a Symposium  on Violence Against Children
Under the patronage of Head of the Civil Engineering Dept. at U.O.T. , Prof. Dr.  Hassan Hamoudi , A seminar on ( violence against children... Causes and solutions). , in cooperation with Women Empowerment Unit at the University of Technology, was held in the hall of the martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis in the department.

The lecture was delivered by the trainer, Enaas H. Saadoun / Master of Psychology and Zina H.  Al-Sabbagh / Head of the Women  Empowerment Unit and activist Baneen Elias.

The symposium dealt with the definition of violence against children, its causes and damages, and the way to treat it.

Violence against children has become a widespread problem and phenomenon in global societies, and every child needs psychological and physical care and attention to be an active and healthy young man in his community.
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