Monday, 10 January 2022 07:22

Computer Engineering Dept. at U.O.T. held seminars for postgraduate students (Masters) in the research stage.

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Computer Engineering  Dept. Holds Seminars for Postgraduate Students

Computer Engineering Dept.  at U.O.T.  held seminars for postgraduate students (Masters) in the research stage.

 The session was attended by the scientific assistant, Prof. Dr. Ahmed S.  Abdul-Amir, Head of Information Engineering Branch, Asst.  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Najem Abdullah, Head of Network Engineering Branch, Lect. Dr. Amir Musa Thuwaini, professors, student supervisors, and a number of graduate students.

The session opened with the preliminary discussion of the master  student (Rasha Kh.  Rejah) for her entitled  research.

"Design and Implementation of a Secure Bill Payments Based on Face Recognition"

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmed S. Abdul-Amir and Prof. Dr. Ghaiyda Abdul-Saheb.

The objective of this study includes the idea of ​​accessing the bank account to pay bills using facial recognition using IOT instead of a Visa/Master card. At the counter or at any store, a Visa/Master card is required to pay your bill. As it works in two steps, the first step is to verify the customer by facial recognition, then the balance is verified, if the verified PIN is required to process the payment, otherwise the payment will be canceled

In the same session, a master  student (Hussein J. Abdullah) discussed his entitled research

" Routing Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Capsule Networks" 

Under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Najem Abdullah.

The aim of this work is to improve routing in wireless sensor networks based on capsule networks

The student (Douaa A. Fadhel) also discussed her entitled research

"Design and Implementation of Energy Harvesting Schemes for Internet of Things"

Under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Riyadh J. Sudan.

The objective of this research is to design, build and analyze a hybrid power collection system using an appropriate innovative technology. To solve the problem of limited battery life and the difficulty of replacing a battery in addition to the cost of physical replacement batteries.

The session concluded with a discussion of a master student (Fadi Sh.  Ahmed) for his entitled research

"Development of VR-based Rehabilitation Gaming System on Upper Limb for Post-Stroke Patients" 

Under the supervision of Lect. Dr. Omar Abed Janeh, Asst.  Prof. Dr. Hassan Wahid Jiyad.

The aim of the research is to rehabilitate the upper limbs that were paralyzed as a result of a stroke by making the patient immerse himself in a total virtual reality through which he interacts with games of different levels of difficulty commensurate with the extent of his injury.



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