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A scientific symposium at Electromechanical Engineering Department

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 A scientific symposium at Electromechanical Engineering Department

 Under the patronage of the president of OUT, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghaban, and direct supervision of the Department head, Prof. Dr. Hisham Salim Aneed, Electromechanical Engineering Department held a scientific symposium about:

(Economics of Energy and Renewable Energy) in Al-Kindi Hall.

The symposium attended by Minister of Electricity consultant, Dr. Abdul-Hamza Hadi, number of Engineers from the Ministry, Oil Products Distribution Company, faculty staff, affiliates & students of the University.

In his Speech, the UOT President stressed the great role of the Minister of Electricity in supporting the University of Technology, expressing his thanks for the efforts striven by the Ministry. Pointing to the need of necessary support to all relevant Ministries & providing them with qualified human sources that bear the future burdens’, calling on the Electromechanical Engineering Department with all its branches & disciplines related to the energy and renewable energies by activating their pioneering role in graduating highly efficient groups capable of overcoming obstacles to serve our dear country.  

On the other hand, the head of the Department Prof. Dr. Hisham Salim Aneed welcomed the attendees pointing to the importance of the energy and renewable energies to know the need of energy sources and develop the necessary solutions to the various problems facing the national network, expressing his hope that the symposium will reach several recommendations that serve the public interest.

Through the symposium, there were three lectures, the first one delivered by: Minister of Electricity consultant, Dr. Abdul-Hamza Hadi, about (The Technical and Economic Model of Solar Power Plants). The 2ed one delivered by: General Director Deputy of Oil Marketing Company for Crude Oil and Gas Affairs, Eng. Ali Nizar Faeq, introduced the mechanisms of Oil Marketing Company to sail the Crude Oil. While the 3ed lecture delivered by: Mr. Saad A. Tuemaa, about (current and future solar energy production plants).

The symposium concluded many important recommendations:-

  • Carry on cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity.
  • Inclusion the renewable energy projects’ for the Ministry within Senior Curriculum of energy & renewable energy branch for Electromechanical Eng. Dep.
  • Holding the scientific visits for the Branch students’ to the solar energy projects of the Ministry of Electricity.
  • Adding the topic of Economics Energy for the senior of the Branch students’.
  • The possibility of giving lectures by engineers in the Oil Marketing Company.


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