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Computer Science Department hold a scientific symposium

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 Computer Science Department hold a scientific symposium

Computer Science Department at UOT, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior / Relations and Information Department, Department of Combating Rumors, held a scientific symposium entitled (Rumors and drugs dangers and their impact on society), in the presence of Vice President of Administrative Affairs/ Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, The head of Computer Science Department, Prof. Dr. Aliaa K. Abdul-Hassan, UOT faculty staff & students’.

The lecture delivered by the Director of the Rumors Fighting Department, Brigadier General Nibras M. Ali, in which he stated that social media considered a psychological weapon that leads to society destabilization and dismantling, which in turn leads to the formation of cold wars. The Iraqi society was closed without any means of communication linking it to the world, but after 2003, we can say that all kinds of technology entered the Iraqi society in a very wide way. Social media entered us in a dense way, unlike the rest of the world, which is misused and leads to electronic blackmail, rumors, robbery & commit a suicide, in which minds are controlled through social media. He mentioned also the frequent use of social media leads to weak social relations between family members, and he pointed out that all these problems could be controlled by social media fairly use, through developing abilities and stabilizing the inner self and staying away from a bad friend as well as the way of thinking to manage time and has several forms, including rational thinking, cerebral thinking, emotional thinking, instinctive thinking and deductive thinking.

A documentary film was shown in which the audience was trained in the correct analysis from the reality of life, so they should think even a little before making a decision

He stressed the legal culture, as there is a legal article through which the law punishes electronic blackmail, insults, slander, violation of privacy and harassment.

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