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Lecturers of Architecture Eng. Dep. participate an International Conference

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Lecturers of Architecture Eng. Dep. at UOT, Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza, Assist. Prof. Dr. Shamael Muhammad Wajih, and Assist. Prof. Dr. Zainab Hussein Raouf, participated in the Third International Conference of Mosque Architecture, under the slogan (The Mosque: a Cross-cultural Building) at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in Kuwait City, 14-16/11/2022.

Which was organized by the Abdul Latif Al-Fouzan Award for Mosque Architecture and the College of Architecture at Kuwait University within the second axis and with their tagged research (Narrative Strategy in Architecture of Contemporary Mosque between theory and application).

The conference included a discussion of a variety of research papers within the conference axes, which included:

The first axis: mosque architecture between global contexts and local traditions.

The second axis: spirituality in mosque architecture.

The third axis: the mosque - multiple techniques for design and construction.

The conference included also meeting and discussion with the arbitrators of the Abdul Latif Al-Fawzan Award for Mosque Architecture, including Professor Dr. Rasem Badran and Prof. Dr. Mashari Al-Naim.

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