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The Department of Laser Engineering holds a scientific symposium on advanced applications of optical fiber lasers

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 The Department of Laser Engineering holds a scientific symposium on advanced applications of optical fiber lasers

The Department of Laser Engineering and Optoelectronics at the University of Technology held a scientific symposium entitled Advanced Applications of Optical Fiber Lasers, in the presence of the Assistant President of the University of Technology for Administrative Affairs, Professor Dr. in the department hall.

The head of the department gave his speech during which he explained that the laser has a great interest in the world through its use in the latest medical devices, communications and military applications as well, and that there is an important interest in the world in industry, medical operations and plastic surgery.

Adding that the laser has many properties, including quality and efficiency, and it can reach sites that humans cannot reach.

The symposium included two sessions, the first session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Karim Hussein Jawad and the rapporteur of Dr. Shams Basil Ali included two lectures, the first lecture entitled

Fiber Laser Raman - Notched Fiber Bracket (FBG-RFL), Design, Manufacturing, Characteristics and Applications delivered by Prof. Dr. Salah al-Din Adnan Taha talked about the latest modern manufacturing revolution by using high-energy Raman fiber lasers, which may reach 100 kilowatts, in several sectors such as cars, aerospace, electronics, car welding, drilling holes in turbine blades, manufacturing three-dimensional parts, metal marking and plastic. Industrial laser revenue in materials processing alone is $4.5 billion, accounting for 30 percent of total laser revenue over the past decade at the expense of traditional technologies such as carbon dioxide lasers.

As for the second lecture, it was entitled Analysis and Design of Pulsed Fiber Laser Based on the Absorption of Nanomaterials for the Distance Communication System. It was given by L. Aseel Abdel-Amir and focused on the analysis and design of the pulsed erbium fiber laser (EDFL) for the optical communication system for distance using a carbon nanomaterial. Newly advanced as a saturable absorbent.

As for the second session, it was chaired by Prof. Dr. Suad Mahmoud Kazem and the rapporteur of Dr. Esraa Qahtan Hamed, and it included two lectures. The first lecture was entitled “Advanced Trends in the Generation of Ultrashort Pulses for Fiber Lasers,” delivered by asst.L Ali Hamid Abdel-Hadi.

It included the generation of ultra-short pulses for a new type of laser called (fiber laser), based on a practical experiment conducted inside Iraq for the first time in generating femtosecond pulses from erbium and ytterbium lasers with pulse measurement using an autocorrelation device.

The second lecture was entitled Coloring Metals Using Fiber Optic Lasers, delivered by asst.L Ayat Khalaf Rahma, in which she dealt with the coloring of ferrous metals Stainless Steel 304 and non-ferrous aluminum using the short-pulse nano-second and long-pulse micro-second fiber optics, and several colors were obtained using different calibrations of Scanning capacity, speed and line spacing.



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