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The Department of Computer Engineering holds a seminar on the role of women in establishing security and combating violence against women

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The Department of Computer Engineering holds a seminar on the role of women in establishing security and combating violence against women

 The Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Technology held a symposium entitled The Role of Women in Establishing Security and Combating Violence Against Women, and within the framework of the 16 campaign, in the presence of the head of the department, Prof. Dr. Hassan Jalil Hassan and the administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Musa Dinar, and the head of the Network Engineering Branch, Dr. Amir Musa Thuwaini and Dr. Azhar Abdul-Karim Al-Sheikhly from Al-Farabi University College, Executive Director of the Civil Society Organization, Al-Fajr Center for Iraqi Studies and Research, and Responsible for the Women’s Empowerment Unit at the University, Prof. Dr. Mona Taha Idris, and the representative of the Women’s Support Committee in Department M. Dr.. Sahar Adel and a number of faculty members, employees and students of the department.

The lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Azhar Abdel-Karim in the seminar, in which she touched on the role of women in establishing security and peace and combating extremism. She also talked about the role of women in establishing security and peace through UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which was issued in the year 2000. This resolution is concerned with the status of women in areas where she was exposed to armed conflicts, especially in the Iraqi governorates that were subjected to ISIS occupation, protecting women from physical violence, and avoiding amnesty for the crimes that women were subjected to in wars.

After that, the representative of the women's support unit in the department, L. Dr. Sahar Adel presented an introductory video about the violent acts practiced against women. She directed the audience to answer the questions that were asked about how to overcome the stage of intolerance, anger and violence, and ways to contain the other party during nervousness

The head of the department L. Dr. Hassan Jalil Hassan answered these questions, saying that genetic chromosomes may have an important role in psychological fanaticism, and that there is a dream and a dream, and that the greatest degree of dreaming is dreaming, so the individual must dream in a state of nervousness, which may not take moments in order to control the reins of affairs.

The administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Musa Dinar Patience and prayer is the only way to pass this stage and the individual must contain the other party and who cannot contain the other party is responsible for the imbalance inside him.

And the head of the networks branch L. Dr. Amir Musa Thuwaini summarily said that the individual must remember the consequences in advance

Which may result from any inappropriate behavior, and be calm and absorb the other opinion to maintain the flow and course of things.

The woman in charge of the Women’s Empowerment Unit at the university commented that there are things that cause violence and intolerance against women, caused by subjective factors such as bullying against women, or as a result of feeling frustrated and selfish, taking drugs, or turning away from God Almighty, all of these things lead to aggression and a feeling of violence, and that most women feel these factors This is self-inflicted, which is caused by society or the family, which in turn generates accumulations that lead to violence against women.

The symposium came out with recommendations, the most important of which is the demand that women have a percentage in decision-making positions because they are the best in understanding women’s needs and addressing the problems they face, and the necessity of women’s participation in negotiation committees because they are considered the most affected by armed conflicts, and the negotiation committees’ lack of representation for women at present, and the need to represent a percentage of women in bodies And the executive institutions for the role they play in understanding the problems that women are exposed to and in order to implement the provisions and decisions related to women’s issues and focus on the important role of women in spreading a culture of peace and consolidating it among children and distancing their thinking from violence, especially with computer games and the content of social networking sites in order to preserve society from harm Extremism and terrorism.

The symposium concluded with the distribution of participation certificates by the department head to the ladies and gentlemen participating in the symposium
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