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The Department of Chemical Engineering holds a scientific symposium on water sustainability

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The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology held the scientific symposium (Water Sustainability and Challenges of the Future) in cooperation with the Faculty of Future University on Sunday, May 14, 2017 at the Dar  Salaam Hall in the department in the presence of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Prof. Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, Head of Chemical Engineering Department, Dr. Jamal Mana Ali, and a number of heads of branches, teachers, employees and students of the university.

The Dean of the Future College said: "Due to the importance of water as a natural resource to meet the various human, agricultural and industrial needs and the increasing use of water as a result of increasing population numbers and scarcity of resources. In addition to the increasing problems of pollution and salinity due to agricultural uses. And scientific utilization of the maximum of wastewater and saline recycling as an additional and important source of water.

The Department of Chemical Engineering said that the department always seeks cooperation with all universities and colleges, especially the relevant ones. He pointed out that the department has recently held a conference on graduate research which included several researches. Today we are witnessing another cooperation with the civil education. Where it discusses the issue of water sustainability in Iraq, which is important and sensitive in this period of time.


The symposium included three axes: the applications of membrane technology in the water sector, the second on the recycling and use of water and the third on the environmental reality of the Tigris River.

In conclusion, certificates were distributed to participants

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