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Technology holds a seminar on the applications of nanotechnology in biomedical fields

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The Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at the University of Technology held the third scientific symposium entitled "Applications of biotechnology in biomedical fields" on the seminar hall in the center on 18/5/2017, in the presence of a number of professors at the university.

The aim of the symposium is to highlight the latest scientific developments in nanotechnology applications in the fields of medicine and biology as well as to focus on the mechanics of nanomaterials and its relation to the different fields of treatment of diseases and medical delivery processes and to identify the most important nanotechnology technologies. Recently used in the treatment of cancer.

The session was moderated by Dr. Ousam Kazem Hamdan, Head of Medical Engineering at the University, and Mr. Issa Daham Glob of the Center for Technology, as the Rapporteur of the session, with three lectures, which were given first by The first three lectures were given by.Dr. Baha Fakhri Hussein and Dr. Khairia Kazim Habib of Baghdad University / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on the creation of embryonic tissue using stem cells from umbilical cord gel.

Whartons Jelly Fabrication for Tissue Damage Repair With Stem Cells.

In Vitro.

Dr. Ali Abdel Wahab was given The second lecture from Center for Nanotechnology Research on the medical connection using nanomagnetic materials.

Druy Delivery using Magnetic Nanoparticles.

The third lecture was delivered by Dr. Ali Salah Hassan from the Center for Nanotechnology Research on the living sections of the human body.

Nano-Biossction for Human Body.

After that, there was extensive discussion between the audience and the lecturers, and the certificates were distributed by the chairman of the session, Dr. Wassam Kazem Hamdan, to the lecturers.

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