Wednesday, 20 January 2021 06:17

Digital Media Center Warns of Fake Channels on Telegram

Digital Media Center warns of fake channels with the name of Ministry of Higher Education on Telegram by misleading students with incorrect information and news, impersonating the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, calling on the government agencies to follow these channels and take the legal measures against them.

The center detected many fake channels on Telegram with the name of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or impersonating the minister. Unfortunately, these channels have thousands of subscribers and their news is widely circulated in students' groups.

The center hopes that the students will personally contribute to eliminating the fake channels as they present the educated class and the generation of future by relying on the official channels of the ministry only to obtain news and report the fake channels correctly.

The center stresses the need to document the ministry's Telegram channels as being the first and important step in order to address this bad phenomenon, especially the documented channel will have priority to appear for those looking for the ministry's channel on Telegram. In addition to that documentation will expose all other fake channel. 

In a special speech of the digital media center, the speaker of ministery of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr.Haider Al-Aboody said that the ministry renew its warning against dealing with these fake channels and their forged publications, and ask those followers and interested in university affairs to obtain information, news, and statements from the website, channels and official pages approved by the Relations and Information Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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