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Decisions of Advisory Committee in The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research


  • Depending on Iraqi online platform with the concerned ministerial team and keeping on academic cooperation through online learning.

- Forming a committee from advisory committee to cope with legislative authority to consider the law of equivalent certificates.

  • Addressing the Ministry of Planning by inserting a plan of newly established universities to be involved in the investment field for the next years. Depending on recommendations concerned with infrastructure of universities and being committed to higher education funds.


  • Approving to the delayed expansion in admitting to high studies according to Parliament Council Resolutions which is the last for the next academic year 2021-2022 and the next years.

3 seats for both public channel and private channel, one seat for families of martyrs and the possibility to turn to other channels, one seat for the medical staff and the staff of Higher Education (PHD), political prisoners and people of special needs.

  • Continuing of the recent academic year 2020-2021 for high studies and updating the academic calendar according to the instructions of the high national committee for health and safety.
  • Endorsement the dates of the academic calendar of high studies 2021-2022.
  • Integration between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other state institutes by feeding the system of applied scientific research which is supervised by Research and Development Department with the technical problems that the ministries and institutes may face.
  • Handling the exceptional cases in supervising PHD dissertations and MSC thesis by the universities councils according to their scientific independence and authorities.
  • Addressing Ministry of Education to provide the Studies and Planning Department with the numbers of high schools students in the final year of all fields to get informed with the expected number of the graduates and compare them with the admission plan in the universities.
  • Forming a committee to study the number of the final stages in the secondary schools and recommend to leave the third turn.
  • Authorizing the universities councils to study the cases of the complementary turn based on the recommendations of departments and collages councils.
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