Wednesday, 18 May 2022 07:44

Education renews its commitment to scientific standards in dealing with universities abroad and adopting academic and legal contexts in the equivalency of certificates*

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has renewed its commitment to scientific and professional standards and determinants in dealing with the file of universities abroad and the adoption of academic and legal contexts in the equivalency of certificates. 

This came when the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdel Sahib, President of the Islamic University of Lebanon and Vice-President of the Executive Council of the Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Hassan Laqis, and his accompanying delegation were received in the presence of the Director General of the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations.

 During the meeting, the Minister of Education explained that the path of universities in the world is moving towards reviewing the indicators produced by the conditions of the pandemic and raising the level of standard accuracy in responding to the requirements for dealing with inputs. 

He added that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its competent departments are open to universities in the Arab and regional regions in accordance with established scientific and academic standards, which represent a common basis for cooperation in the fields of academic work, pointing at the same time to the willingness of Iraqi universities to offer a number of scholarships to Arab and foreign students. 

In turn, the President of the University expressed his happiness with this meeting, which included an integrated road map to determine the required procedures in the cooperation environment between the two sides.

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