Wednesday, 16 December 2020 22:11

The Minister of Education confirms supporting the state institutions and reveals higher education programs in the liberated governorates

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research confirmed the readiness of universities and their colleges, institutes and centers concerned with supporting and developing the staff of state institutions through graduate studies projects, revealing at the same time the formulation of study and scientific programs in the liberated governorates.

In his speech during the celebration of launching a project to develop the skills of the ministries' employees in cooperation between the National Security Adviser and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the presence of academic members and leaders from Baghdad and Nahrain Universities, the Minister clarified that the Ministry has spared no effort in opening up to state institutions and providing educational services because it believes in its mission to bring about development. On the scientific, technical and cultural level, building generations and angels armed with science and knowledge so that they are an effective force in society and able to meet the needs of development

He added that the professional and academic identity of higher education institutions gives them a direct impetus towards continuous giving in providing what society and the Iraqi state institutions need at all times, noting that the motives of these great services start from the homeland and end there.

National Security Adviser, Mr. Qassem Al-Araji, appreciated the great cooperation shown by institutions of higher education and scientific research, stressing that the project to develop the skills of ministries employees in scientific and psychological fields is a great achievement as it provides state institutions with advanced energies.

the head of strategic psychological cell, Mr. Saeed Al-Jayashi, described the project as an important scientific achievement that provides seven specialized programs for postgraduate studies in strategic scientific fields that enhance skills and provide a scientific atmosphere for professional development

The Head of the Graduate Studies Department in the Research and Development Department, Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Hussein Ali, ended the celebration of project launch  with a speech in which he emphasized the importance of the disciplines studied in the higher professional diploma and diploma programs equivalent to MSc, especially those related to psychological operations, development, rehabilitation, community security, information technology, software, information engineering, media technology and peace building.

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