Wednesday, 23 December 2020 08:17

Lecturers from UOT Publish Scientific Research

Dr.Salam Wali and Lect.Roshin Tariq, lecturers at Energy and Renewable Energy Technology at University of Technology have published a scientific research in the international refereed magazine of TELKOMNICA Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and Control volume 18,no.6 in Oct.2020 within Scopus titled "Using Position Control to Improve the Efficiency of Wind Turbine".

The renewable energy is a near future energy resource and wind turbine is one of renewable energy generators. In this research, the effect of wind power   variable in its speed and direction, which changed in every hour and season.

In this research, a control system on wind power generators was designed to raise the efficiency of wind turbine work and many practical and theoretical (stimulations) experiences have been done. This mechanism will raise the efficiency of wind power generators by 80% when the rotor of wind turbine directed toward the wind rather than if they were in fixed directions.

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