Sunday, 27 December 2020 06:01
State Company for Engineering Rehabilitation and Testing visit Training Center

Implementing the principle of interlocking between the various state institutions and benefiting from the experiences and productive energies among them, a delegation from state company for engineering rehabilitation and testing, one of the formations of Ministry of Industry and Minerals, visited the center of training and workshop at the University of Technology. 
The delegation was headed by senior chief engineer Adel Hussein, director of maintenance and engineering services department, senior chief engineer Suaad
Mohammed, deputy of engineering labs department at the company. Asst.Prof.Dr.Wisam Hameed, director of training and workshop center and Asst.Prof.Dr.Raed Naeem from magnification committee at the university welcomed the delegation. The visit includes informing the visiting delegation about all the workshops held by the center and getting acquainted with the capabilities available and how they can be utilized. The delegation describe these abilities as mighty in comparison to what other Iraqi Universities have. 
The delegation added that the traditional and programmed machines used in various workshops of the center exceeded all their expectations as well as the qualifications and experiences available in the workshops and how to get benefited from them and should be invested in the interest of the Iraqi Industry and the university. Dr.Wisam and the member of the accompanied committee showed the delegation all the facilities that the university and the center can present to success the desire of the Ministry to cooperate with the center At the end, the delegation praised the administration of the center in enhancing the
abilities and experiences of the staff.
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