Monday, 18 January 2021 05:53
                                                                      Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban Inaugurates the Sport Festival at the UOT

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban/ University President inaugurates festival of the new studying year 2020-2021 which is being held by Dept. of Sports Activities that coincides with Iraqi Army Day. The festival has been attended by (Prof. Dr. Heydar Abed Dhahad/ Vice President for Scientific Affairs & Postgraduate Studies , Prof. Dr. Azad Reheem/ Head of Control and Systems Engineering Dept). Prof. Dr. Al- Ghaban said such sport festivals which are being held in these exceptional times within pandemic Covid refer to healthy conscious sense of participants who are committed to safety procedures. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban declared the inauguration of the sport festival, wishing success to all teams and specially for those will get
championship within this season. A football match was held between the UOT and Almustansiriyah/ Physical Education and Sports Science for Girls which ended up with win over the second team. The match was led by the referee/ Asst. Prof. Dr. Munir Mahmood and Asst. Lec. Mueid Waleed, Mr. Mohammed Hadi and Mr. yassir Hassan. The first half of the match ended with equality of two teams one goal for each which has been scored by Tabaruk Mueid and Asseel Abdulhah. The festival presented performances of Fighting Arts/ kick Boxing by the Ugandan Coach/ Abbros. At the end of the festival the president of UOT has distributed appreciation awards for both teams, referees and Ugandan Coach. The head of Almustansiriyah delegation/ Asst. Prof. Dr. Tayseer Nadhum Jasoor had presented a memorial shield to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghaban. The Head of Students’ activities (Asst. Prof. Dr. Najah Salman) said that the championships for students would start on Tuesday of the current month/ Tennis and Football Championship on Tartan Stadium.


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