Sunday, 24 January 2021 06:14

UOT: in Scientific Visit to Holy Shrines

,"We support the holy scientific and engineering projects", AlGabban stated".

University of Technology, represented by its president Prof.Dr.Ahmed Al-Gabban, visited the Holy Shrines of Imam Ali,Imam Hussein,Imam Abbas and Al-Kafeel University in companion with Dr.Mohanned AL-Shrooqi, the scientific deputy of Materials Engineering Department, Dr.Hasanen Al-Saedi from Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr.Sari Tahseen, the director of Media and Public Relations Department, Lect.Zaid Al-Anbary, the director of Divan Department. 

During the visit, they show on the developments made by the holy shrine of Imam Ali in the scientific and engineering fields and met the president of AL-Kafeel University Prof.Dr.Nawras Al-Dahhan and then visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussein and meeting the rightful ruler, His Eminence Abdul-Mahdi Al-Karbalae and they both made many agreements which need mutual cooperation for university contribution in reconstruction of the holy shrines, in addition visiting the holy shrine of Imam Abbas and meeting the secretary general of the shrine Saeed Mohammed Al-Asheqar and show on their engineering  projects and studying the university contribution to provide them with all engineering consultations.

Prof.Dr.Al-Gabban said that the university will be under the sign of implementing projects of the holy shrines and logistic support under the slogan (serving the family of the Prophet is our honor) in addition to a cooperation mechanism with Al-Kafeel Private University by pollination of scientific ideas to publish mutual sober researches and forming a mutual research team.

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