Thursday, 28 January 2021 07:48

Dept. of Computer Science Wins Badminton Championship 

Dept. of Computer Science wins the championship of Badminton for UOT students (boys & girls) for study year 2020-2021 at the Tartan Stadium of the UOT sponsored by Dept. of Students Activities. Eight teams have participated in this championship and have been attended by Head of Dept. Of Students Activities/ Asst. Prof. Dr. Najah Salman with his assistant Dr. Imad Jawad and the national referee/ Bassil Jawad.

 Computer science Dept. has won the championship over his opponent of Computer Engineering Dept. 15 students (boys & girls) have participated in it. The championship happened in single drop system under committee supervision of (Asst. Prof. Dr. Muna Taha , Dr. Amin Thanoon, Dr. Huda Mohammed. Hussein Abdl Ridha, Heyder Hameed, Mohammed Hadi & Ahmed Mahmood have participated as referees for championship competitions.

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