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Quick Chess President Cup Ends 

At the presence of the president of University of Technology Prof.Dr.Ahmed Al-Gabban and the director of the department of students' activities and number of lecturers, the students' activities department at University of Technology held a quick chess president cup on Monday in the hall of the department with participation of 48 players represents all scientific and engineering departments.

Noori sabah, a student form materials department get the title of the champion of the university for students with the participation of 38 player collecting 6.5 point out of 7 round preceding the student Abdul-Kareem Emad from Petroleum Technology ,who get the second rank, in half point , and Moslim Kareem from chemical engineering department get the third rank.

Rewaeda Saad from Laser engineering department, get the title of the champion of the university for students with participation of 10 female students after collecting 5 points in all five rounds without draw or lose, Lena Haitham from Civil Engineering department get the second rank with 4 points and Mais Khalel from Production and Minerals engineering department get the third rank in 4 points.

The champion was supervised by an international arbitration team includes the international referee Saad Mohsen as a general referee and the international referees Ismael Ibrahim and Hussein Salama, the referee Kifah Saleem , Asst.Prof.Mostafa Subhi and Yaser Hassan .

The champion was in the Swiss system, five rounds for females conversely seven for males within 10 minutes adding 5 seconds per each point.

It is worth mentioning that the champion was held by the students' activities department in cooperation with the Iraqi Chess Union for ten years respectively, and this is an evidence of the close relationship and the spirit of cooperation between them.

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