Monday, 22 February 2021 09:00

Environment Research Center Held Meeting

At the attendance of the center director and the chairman of the preparation committee for the conference Prof.Dr.Abdul-Hameed Mohammed and the reporters of the scientific axes, Environment Researches Center at University of Technology held a meeting for the fifth scientific conference of the environment and sustainable development.

During the meeting, they discussed the new instructions and decisions of the Crisis Cell to view the process of evaluating the researches and accept the completed researches and following up the linguistic review according to IOP requirements.

The meeting ended with the director speech praising the efforts of the scientific committees and presented some valuable guides and important recommendations to maintain the level of work and duplicate the efforts during Corona pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that the conference includes five axes:

1- Green Growth and Sustainable Development/ Dr.Mohameed Mouad

2- Climate Changes and Environmental Pollution/ Dr.Thaer Monam

 3- Environment and Green Technology/ Dr.Mokhalad Amer

4- Ecosystem and Biodiversity Conservation/ Dr.Moufaq Hussein

 5- Environmental Education and Legislation/ Dr.Rana Riyad