Sunday, 06 June 2021 12:03

The University of Technology top Iraqi universities in the British Times classification

The University of Technology in Iraq topped the rest of the Iraqi universities in scientific research after it achieved remarkable progress in the British Times classification.

The British Times Classification of Asian Universities for the year 2021 announced its results, which included five hundred and fifty-one universities.

The results of the classification showed that Iraqi universities obtained competitive positions in this version, which are the University of Technology in the position (351-400) and the universities of Baghdad and Basra in the position (+401).

It is worth noting that the Times Classification of Asian Universities evaluates institutions according to thirteen indicators, divided into five main criteria: education, scientific research, citations, international outlook and knowledge transfer.

It is noteworthy that Iraqi universities recorded the attendance of thirty-five universities and colleges in the Times classification for sustainable development, while the Times version of international universities indicated the competition, attendance and participation of Baghdad, Technology and Basra universities for the year 2021, and other global rankings showed no less than eighty-six Iraqi universities and colleges.

The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, honored the faculty and university employees with a letter of thanks and appreciation on this occasion.