Wednesday, 14 July 2021 00:08

The University of Technology Holds a festival to Celebrate its Female Graduates Entitled


 " Female Innovators Of U.O.T ... are still in progress"


Under the sponsorship of the President of U.O.T., Prof. Dr. Ahmed M.  Hassan Al-Ghabban, and under the supervision of Control and Systems Eng. Dept. at U.O.T., and the support of the Scientific and Engineering Consulting Bureau.

 Team of “Al-Iraqiya here” held a festival entitled “Female Innovators of U.O.T. ... are still in the process of giving” in the presence of Mrs. Khanum Lateef, Consultant of President of the Republic, and a large number of deans of the university and lecturers.

The aim of the festival is to shed light on the female graduates of U.O.T. who have a creative imprint in their work and community, as the festival was a celebration of the outstanding achievements of the female graduates of the university.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed M.  Hassan Al-Ghabban, praised in his speech the female graduates and their great sacrifice in serving the country, he added that the festival is a simple thing that the university offers them.

 The Consultant of the President of the Republic stated that the festival is a great support for the Iraqi women needs, as they are symbol of giving.

 The festival was organized by a blog and " Al –Iraqia here" team, which is one of the most important blogs in Iraq for innovative women in all fields and team members from Control and Systems Engineering Dept. 

The festival concluded by honoring the distinguished female graduates with medal of giving by the university president and the Consultant. Among the honored of Control and Systems Engineering Dept.  were female engineers (Rasha Basil, Zahra Hazem, and Raghad Metti) for their excellence in serving their work and community.