Monday, 02 August 2021 09:49

University of Technology  Having advancement  in the British Times Ranking of Arab Universities

Both U.O.T. and  the University of Baghdad have advanced in the British Times classification of Arab universities for the current year.

 The Times Classification of Arab Universities announced the 2021 edition, the University of Baghdad and the University of Technology are ranked 51-60., As for the University of Babylon and the University of Mosul in the 61-70 category, while the University of Basra and the University of Kufa stayed in the category 71-80.  There were 16 Iraqi universities participating in this classification and that the University of Babylon is entering this classification for the first time.

the World University Rankings is an annual classification of universities published by Times Higher Education Journal, which was a cooperating with some startup companies to do the QS World University Rankings from 2004 to 2009 before the journal  turned to cooperate with Thomson Reuters in publishing the new ranking system.

The journal is currently working on publishing a report that includes the best international universities with other rankings, which are the best universities in Asia, Latin America, and then the best universities in countries with emerging economies.

The classification went viral  and is widely relied upon in order to evaluate universities at the global level along with the academic classification of world universities as well as the          (QS )World University Rankings. by 2010.

The Times Journal improved and developed its classification and tried to include a number of universities in the world instead of depending  on only English-speaking or even those in developed countries .