Tuesday, 14 September 2021 17:45

The University of Technology embrace the annual book fair supporting the Ministry of Education

Assistant of Scientific Affairs and graduated study, Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dahoud, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative Affairs, Abdul-Kadhim Al-Daraji, opened the annual exhibition of the supportive and enriching book for the curriculum (seventeenth session) from 12-16/9/2021, which was held in the hall of General Secretary of the Central Library in cooperation with the Ministry of Education - General Directorate of Curricula - Libraries Department.

The exhibition included thousands of models of titles of recent publications for publishing houses (books, periodicals and newspapers, dictionaries , encyclopedias , guides, biographies and translations, educational series, stories and entertaining and imaginative novels, legends, myths, folklore, atlases, maps, posters, illustrations and photos, Stereoscopic models such as globes and the human body, transparencies, CDs, audio-visual materials and their problems) with enriching specializations for curricula for all levels and school stages starting from (kindergarten, primary, intermediate, preparatory, secondary, teaching bodies).

In a speech by Abdul-Kadhim Al-Daraji, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative Affairs, he said: holding such exhibitions is a bright point in the field of cooperation between the Curriculum Directorate and the University of Technology, through which we hope to develop education at the level of education or universities.

He stressed that the purpose of the exhibition is to support educational curricula by keeping pace with scientific development.

For his part, Haider Najm Abdullah, Director of the Libraries Department, said: This exhibition seeks to activate electronic libraries in all general directorates of education.

He added that there are modern educational means that supplied to school libraries to raise their capacity and enable them to achieve their goals towards their students and faculty members in order to advance the educational process and return Iraq to the global classification of knowledge.

In the same mean, Dr. Ziyad Jassim Habib, General Secretary of the Central Library at the University of Technology, said that the book fair of this year was specialized in containing books for young age groups in primary schools and kindergartens, in the belief of the University of Technology of the importance of the child in building the future and developing the future of Iraq.

He stressed the university's ambition to hold an exhibition specialized in engineering books in the near future.