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University of Technology sign a scientific cooperation with the Middle Technical University

On Monday, 22/11/2021, the University of Technology, represented by its president, Prof. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, held a scientific cooperation with the Middle Technical University, represented by its president, Prof. Dr. Abdul Mohsen Naji Al-Muhaisen, in the presence of the assistant president of administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, and the Secretary of the University Council, Assist. Prof. Dr. Nasreen Saleh Muhammad, Director of the Media and Public Relations Department, Lec. Dr. Sari Tahsin Rishan, and the delegation of the Middle Technical University.

Signing this mechanism came in order to achieve fruitful cooperation between the Middle Technical University and the University of Technology in the various scientific fields that work to develop the cadres of the two institutions through the application of cooperation mechanisms.

The cooperation mechanism included several matters, the most important of which were: strengthening cooperation in the academic, scientific, research and training fields, information systems (electronic governance programs), administrative and correspondence through the establishment of various specialized activities, encouraging the exchange of scientific visits and holding joint seminars and conferences between them that support and develop the areas of the mechanism as well as the cooperation of the two parties from During the preparation of a coordination program that includes the exchange of scientific experiences between faculty members, researchers and students of graduate and primary studies, in addition to joint supervision, discussion committees and joint research projects of interest to both sides through the use of scientific laboratories in accordance with the controls of the owner.

In the end, the two sides exchanged university shields in appreciation of the efforts made to make this mechanism a success.

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