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University of Technology participate Ministry of Youth in setting the future vision to discover and nurturing the talented

The University of Technology participated in a workshop to put strategies for scientific Olympiad programs and tests of memory and intelligence for talented, which was held by Scientific Care Division in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, for five days in Erbil, when more than 40 professors from universities, schools of excellence and Gifted Guardianship Committee participated in the workshop.

The delegation of the University of Technology was represented by Prof. Dr. Manal Nagy Assist. Prof Dr. Bashar Hussein, Lec. Juhayna Mutasim, Lec. Amer Hassan, Assist. Lec. Alaa Hassan and the University Coordinator with the Ministry of Youth and sport Eng. Zaid Riyadh Al-Anbari.

 From the part of, General Director of Scientific Care Division, Dr. Ahmed Saad Alawi, said that the general strategy of these programs depends on building and developing young people scientifically, knowing the future vision of their ideas, and working to find ways to develop them and benefit from them to applied them in the state institutions, which consider a step in the right direction for building and developing a plan towards beneficiaries.

In the same context, Al-Anbari confirmed that the participants showed their interaction in an excellent manner and different ideas, and they enriched the discussion in many goals and mechanisms.

On the closing day, the workshop included the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports, Captain Adnan Darjal, who gave a speech to the attendees and praised the holding such dialogue workshops that share in serving and caring for the talented, expressing his strong desire for cooperation and openness with university and school professors in caring for and supporting the talented.

 At the end, certificates of participation were distributed to the participants by His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal.


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