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University of Technology participate in the fourth scientific innovation exhibition at the Ministry of Youth

The University of Technology participated in the fourth scientific innovation exhibition, which was held by the Department of Scientific Care in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in the hall of specialized schools, along with a large number of Iraqi universities from various cities.

A high-level delegation represented the University of Technology at the opening, headed by the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, and Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dahad, Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Study, Director of the Media and Public Relations Department, Lec. Dr. Sari T. Rishan, and Assist. Lec. Zaid Riyad Hassan, Director of Diwan Affairs Department. In addition to the scientific delegation that supervises the innovative projects, which consisted of: -

- Lec. Dr. Amjad Talal Al-Ezzi / Chief of Research and Development Division / the head.

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Bushra Kahdim Aliwi / member.

-  Lec. Dr. Thaer Munim Al-Jader / member.

- Lec. Dr. Alaa Muhammad Daoud /member.

- Lec. Dr. Nagham Ahmed Jassem, and number of innovative students who represented a number of scientific and engineering departments.

The two delegations were accompanied by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Captain Adnan Darjal, and Dr. Ahmed Saad Alawi, Director General of the Welfare Department in the Ministry, as they toured the University of Technology pavilion, which contained 61 innovative projects by a number of students and explained some details about them and the possibility of benefiting from them in community service.


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