Sunday, 20 February 2022 05:56

University of Technology ceremonially announce obtaining membership of Academic Impact Program

The University of Technology in Iraq announced on 11-2-2022 obtaining membership in Academic Impact Program of (the United Nations Academic Impact UNAI).

The United Nations Academic Impact UNAI is one of the most important programs that aim to link and harmonize higher education institutions in the world with the United Nations program in order to achieve basic goals, including achieving sustainable peace and protecting human rights. Human rights, education opportunity for all, sustainability and conflict resolution.

Obtaining the University of Technology in Iraq a membership in the United Nations Academic Impact UNAI means that it is practically affiliated with 1500 universities and research centers within higher education institutions in 147 countries, reaching more than 25 million people in education and scientific research sectors around the world represent a global diversity of regions and knowledge wealth.

The joining of the University of Technology to the United Nations Academic Impact Program means revitalizing and developing the vital work and activities carried out by the University of Technology in the field of developing higher education to global levels through the dissemination of information about the initiatives and activities of the United Nations, and providing ideas on how to implement these activities at the international level. On campuses, in classrooms and in communities, it also provides a platform for university students, academics and researchers to connect and share ideas, research and resources to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations Academic Impact is the unifying link between all these academic institutions and stakeholders, to ensure that the international community directs the energy and achievements of the youth and the research community for the service of humanity.

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