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Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance hold a workshop on institutional and program accreditation

The Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance at the University of Technology held a training workshop entitled Institutional and Program Accreditation, in the presence of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, and his assistants for scientific and postgraduate studies, Prof.Dr. Haider Abed Dahad, and administrative affairs, Prof.Dr. Hussain Hamid Karim, and heads of the engineering and scientific departments at the university.

The president of the university, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban, said that the real goal of this workshop is an urgent need for the purpose of changing the stereotypical plans for the performance of the institution and educational and educational programs, not out of luxury, but for an actual and important need. Without it, we will notice that there is a deterioration in the plans and programs of studies in general, especially the undergraduate study programs At various levels, he added, “We are not here to be unique in developing and devising new and unique plans, but we absolutely believe in all plans by benefiting from the experiences of others.”

Al-Ghabban added that the academic accreditation movement derives its value from the urgent calls globally for the need to control performance and target quality and discrimination in the educational process, stressing that the issue of academic accreditation is one of the most urgent issues in higher education circles, and it seemed to be seen as a solid basis for achieving any desired renaissance in the educational process with all its components. Pointing out at the end of his speech, I invite everyone to work hard in this context, and I say, “Let us work in an institution that maintains internationally required standards for the purpose of producing graduates who have a fixed weight in the various state institutions, who are able to transfer and manage what they have learned into a tangible practical reality that secures our lives in all its daily details, and it is a call that we launch.” Today, it needs a blessed effort from us to achieve this goal

For his part, the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies, Prof. Dr. Haider Abed Dahd, said in a speech in which he stated that this workshop is being held to follow up on important strategic matters for the University of Technology. It is one of the most important fiftieth strategic plans that were developed by a central committee at the University of Technology. Institutional accreditation and program accreditation also The real accreditation process is not an academic luxury but rather a necessity of academic work, especially we in Iraq are considered one of the backward countries in the matter of accreditation, especially in higher education, where no Iraqi university has institutional and program accreditation except for the newly established universities.

For his part, the Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Hussein Hamid Karim, thanked the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance for its efforts in preparing this workshop, adding that I participate in my capacity as a member of the committees emanating from the accreditation and institutional programs and the head of some committees.

 He added that the program consists of 8 criteria, each criterion has a set of elements, and each component has a set of indicators, adding the noticeable thing is that the university departments should show more attention, and this falls on the shoulders of the people’s officials to ensure quality and the members of the association, especially since all the priorities are available in the departments and we invite the heads of Departments to urge the people's officials to make more efforts.

In a speech to the Director of Quality Assurance and University Performance, Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Majid Khudair, who explained in detail the accreditation process through the self-assessment report, the purpose of writing the assessment, who writes the report, the standard and its weight, the main section of the self-assessment report, improvement plans, weaknesses, and the conformity report. He also addressed in detail the portfolio educational.

After that, the discussion was opened to the audience in an extensive and constructive manner.

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