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The University of Technology celebrate obtaining the 251 rank in the British Times Ranking 2022

: ""The numbers started to speak loudly and say that the University of Technology has a great global position that is referred to as a distinctive, Al-Ghabban said.".

The University of Technology held a grand celebration on the occasion of obtaining the 251 Rank in the British Times classification 2022, in the presence of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, Vice President of Scientific Affairs and postgraduate studies, Prof. Dr. Haider Abd Dahoud, and Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Hussain Hamid Karim, members of the University Council and researchers, in University on 21/2/2022

After that, the celebration began with the playing of the national anthem

Al-Ghabban said in a speech on this occasion, "we are all at the University of Technology with the highest degree of pride in our university, adding that this great event that we are present today to celebrate is the University of Technology being ranked 251 out of all the young universities, (less than 50 years old)". .

He stressed that this event is a cause for great pride and joy, and I invite you, in the name of the university presidency, to be a model celebration worthy of the name of the university. Technology is a large global site that is referred to by its name. On behalf of the University Council, I thank all researchers and everyone who contributed to the progress of the university and its reaching these advanced stages. On your behalf, a special thanks to the Scientific Assistant, for assuming the real position that enriched this number and distinction. Great and fruitful cooperation and to make more efforts to reach higher numbers. He concluded his speech by saying I am proud to be at the top of the pyramid for this given university.

In a related context, the distinguished researchers, who made a significant contribution to the university’s achievement, delivered a speech. The head of the Department of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Raed Abdel Wahab, who expressed in a short word his joy at this achievement, as he said that these historical moments experienced by the University of Technology through achieving this achievement the great one, which I consider to be a day added to the beautiful days in my life, adding that this achievement would not have happened without the hard work and the shortening of time, I am honored to be among the distinguished researchers and he stressed that he dedicates all his achievements and research to the University of Technology from the university's presidency, professors and students.

After that, the poet Sadiq Talal, one of the mechanical engineering graduates, presented the most beautiful poems, singing at the university and its achievements.

A group of university students presented a bouquet of flowers to the president of the University of Technology.

The role of honoring the researchers came from the president of the university in terms of the number of research published in Scopus and Clarivate, and they are the Vice President of  Scientific Affairs , Prof. Dr. Haider Abdel Dahd, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Amir Al-Amiri from the Energy Research Center, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Youssif Fattah from the Department of Civil Engineering, and Prof. Dr. Raed Abdel Wahab Ismail, Prof. Dr. Ghassan Mohamed Suleiman, Prof. Dr. Evan Tariq Salem, Prof. Dr. Nadia Mohamed Ghanem, Prof. Dr. Maged Sakhi Jaber, Prof. Dr. Adawiya Juma Haider, Prof. Dr. Alwan Muhammad Alwan, Prof. Dr. Khawla Salah Khashan, Prof. Duha Saadi Ahmed, Prof. Uday Mohsen Nayef, and Prof. Ali Abd Rahman Taha, Prof. Dr. Mukhles Mawloud Ismail, Prof. Dr. Manal Naji Yaqoub, Prof. Dr. Salma Muhammad Ibrahim, from the Department of Applied Sciences, Assist. Prof. Dr. Makram Abdel Muttalib Fakhri, Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Khudhair Abbas, from the Department of Laser Engineering, Lec. Miqdam Tariq Jigan from the Energy Technology Center, and Prof. Dr. Amjad Jalil Hamidi from the Department of Control and Systems Engineering and Prof. Dr. Jawad Kadhim Ali, Lec. Dr. Hussam Hussein Ali from the Department of Communications Engineering, Prof. Dr. Jalal Muhammad Jalil from the Electromechanical Department, Prof. Dr. Talib Muhammad Nayef, Prof. Dr. Adnan Abdul-Jabbar Abdul Razzaq, Assist. Prof. Dr. May Ali Muslim from the Department of Chemical Engineering, and Prof. Dr. Sinan Majid Abdul Sattar from the Department of Chemical Engineering. Department of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Wissam Hamid Aliwi, Director of the Training and Laboratories Center, Prof. Dr. Sadeq Hussein Bakhi, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hassanein Adnan Abdel Wahab, and Lec. Dr. Soha A. Muhammad, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.



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