Wednesday, 02 March 2022 07:36

Education announces the start of applying to graduate studies tomorrow, Tuesday, and decides to update the date of the competitive exam

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the start of procedures for electronic application to graduate studies ( tomorrow, Tuesday, the first of March, according to the timings related to the academic year 2023/2022 and in light of the two thousand and five study programs Ninety programs are divided into higher diploma, master's and doctoral degrees. 

And in response to the coincidence of some of the timing and subsequent procedures for applying with the blessed month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Education decided to update the date of the competitive examination and set its date starting from Monday corresponding to 5/16/2022 for medical and engineering specialties and passing on Tuesday 17/5/2022 for the disciplines of pure sciences, agricultural and veterinary sciences and administrative sciences and economics, and finally on Wednesday 18/5/2022 for the majors of humanities and social sciences. 

While the Ministry confirms the adoption of universities' plans for approved postgraduate studies in various disciplines, it calls upon students who are qualified to apply to make more possible scientific preparation to achieve the positive results they aspire to in the competitive examination.

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