Tuesday, 22 March 2022 06:59

A PhD student from Civil Engineering Department develop a sediment simulation channel in rivers

PhD student Abdul Razzaq K. Abdul Wahed from Civil Engineering Department at the University of Technology, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jaafar Sadiq Maatouk for the sediment simulation channel in rivers after the first development that took place in 2016, with the capabilities and efforts of oneself.

With this development, the canal is considered the first of its kind in Iraqi universities, and through its work, the movement of scientific research will be strengthened in the aspect related to the movement of sediments, the morphology of rivers, and the problems that occur around the pillars and shoulders of bridges.

The work included a comprehensive development of the canal to simulate the different flows in the rivers with high capacities of discharging, speed and depth. The new channel is considered the only channel of its kind in Iraqi universities, and there is no equivalent locally. And that such a channel is available in international universities, and its manufacture is monopolized by specialized companies, and it is currently working according to specifications.



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