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The Department of Computer Science holds a scientific symposium on the basics of cybersecurity and its prospects 

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology held the scientific symposium tagged “Basics of Cyber ​​Security and its Prospects” on Monday 3/14/2022 at the Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis Hall in the Civil Engineering Department, in the presence of the University President, Prof. Dr.Hamid and a number of department heads as well as a number of specialist officers in the Ministry of Defense and a number of teachers.

The symposium aimed to introduce cybersecurity, its fields of use and future prospects, and define the basic requirements for developing a national strategy to develop cybersecurity performance in the country. Cyber ​​security is defined as a set of technical means used to prevent misuse of electronic communications and information systems and unauthorized use, with the aim of enhancing confidentiality and protecting the privacy of individual data.

The head of the Department of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Alia Karim Abdel Hassan, gave a speech in which she indicated that talking about cyberspace and cyber security has become the most prominent talk under the exceptional circumstances experienced by the world, as countries tend to establish institutions concerned with the study of cyberspace. To adapt to the challenges requires a great effort to protect the security of our country from cyber threats.

She added that the Department of Computer Science, since its establishment in 1983, has been interested in supplying the labor market with cadres through academic programs in computer security for initial studies, and seeking to provide state institutions with data security and cybersecurity specializations, and the development of postgraduate studies later, in addition to employing graduate research in order to find solutions. Security challenges in this field.

The symposium, which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Hala Bahjat Abdel Wahab and the administrative assistant, prof. Dr. Bashar Saadoun Mahdi, focused as a rapporteur on two axes: The first was about the basics of cybersecurity and challenges in a lecture delivered by Prof. Dr. Alaa Al-Hamami, advisor of the Private College of Wisdom.

The second axis is about modern technologies in cyber security in a lecture delivered by the instructor in the Department of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Tariq Sadiq.

At the end of the symposium, the head of the Computer Science Department, Prof. Dr. Alia Karim Abdel-Hassan, distributed certificates of appreciation to the lecturers.



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