Wednesday, 23 March 2022 09:11

A Lecturer and a student in computer science win third place in the Kirkuk Technology and Innovation Festival

Assist. Prof. Dr. Esraa Tahseen, and the supervisor of the student Abdullah Mohsen Abdullah, both from the Department of Computer Science at UOT, Network Administration Branch, won the third place in Kirkuk Technology and Innovation Festival, which was held at the Cultural Center in Kirkuk with the participation of a number of students from different Iraqi universities..

They won the third place by participating in the research tagged (Business Secure Dashboard Management System). The program contains more than one system, including sales management system, supply and purchase system, warehouse management system, supplier management, employee management system, customer management system, and reporting system, in addition to providing settings suitable for each user.

This festival was organized by the Cisco Academy for Networking and Software Solutions, sponsored by Al-Kitab University, Asia Cell Company, Kirkuk Investment Commission, and Kermanj Building and Construction Company, with the support of Jia Group for Water and Thermal Insulation, the Presidency of Kirkuk University and the Northern Technical University.



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