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The Environmental Research Center host the initiative of University Health Day in cooperation with the Public Health Department

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, the Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology organized the initiative of University Health Day, in cooperation with the Public Health Department in the Ministry of Health, in the presence of Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, the Director of the Environmental Research Center, Prof. Dr. Abdul-Hameed Mohammed Jawad, and numbers of professors, and public figures, for Tuesday and Wednesday, 16-15/3/ 2022.

The initiative aimed to create a safe and healthy environment and enhance the university’s role in the field of innovation, scientific research and exchange of experiences, which would contribute to shifting the focus in the health field from treatment to prevention, raising the level of health awareness, contributing to the dissemination of the concepts of preventive health, and enhancing and understanding the vital role played by health coverage, Contribute to the spread of the concepts of preventive health and the promotion and understanding of the vital role played by universal health coverage and health security in the scheme of sustainable development goals and work to build positive integrated behavior and skills to protect public health and highlight a wide range of awareness activities, including early detection and prevention of breast cancer and the fight against obesity, and learn about the importance of transitional and non-transmissible diseases, smoking and its effects on society, drugs, acquired immunodeficiency disease, first aid and physical therapy, as well as developing a sense of responsibility towards others by conducting blood donation campaigns and others.

The inauguration began with a fragrant recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, then the national anthem was played through Al-Ghabban on this occasion, remembering on this spring day and in appreciation of the great effort made by medical personnel at the level of Iraq during the pandemic and the tremendous efforts that followed in order to ward off dangers from citizens and society in general. He added that the University of Technology, despite its lack of medical cadres, in cooperation with the Environmental Research Center and the Civil Engineering Department, took the initiative to raise the profile of an initiative called the University Health Day initiative, as an initiative launched by the University of Technology. Teachers, staff and students. This initiative includes several activities over two days.

 Al-Ghabban stressed that we hope, through this initiative, from the rest of the departments to take the same experience, and there will be a distinguished university day or several days in which all Iraqi universities will meet. A year is dedicated to this topic in appreciation of the great role played by health cadres, including doctors, nurses, and other joints in the Ministry of Health, which has a high level of awareness and is able to insert this health awareness into all state institutions, All thanks to the working committees for organizing this symposium and to the participating medical staff.

The symposium session was chaired by the Director of the Environmental Research Center, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Muhammad Jawad.

It included two lectures, the first entitled Sustainable Development/Health, given by the specialist Dr. Sinan Ghazi Mahdi, Community Medicine, Director of the Center for Communicable Diseases Control, while the second lecture, entitled Drugs, Risks and Prevention, was delivered by the Director of the Drug Control Program at the Ministry of Health.

After that, extensive discussions began by the audience.

The president of the university distributed certificates of appreciation to the lecturers.

After that, the second part of the activities of the first day began, where the president of the university and all the attendees toured the corridors of the Civil Engineering Department, which included the university blood donation campaign, the blood bank in the Ministry of Health, early detection and prevention of breast cancer, the Cancer Council, the Ministry of Health, and then went to the medical exhibition held by the university. Then the exhibition of medical devices, Al-Manara Al-Zarqa office for medical and laboratory equipment, then a female consultant doctor’s paragraph presented by the Women Empowerment Unit at the University of Technology and Transitional Diseases by the Ministry of Health. And the control of non-communicable diseases, then the protocol for combating obesity by the specialist doctor Abdul Hamid Al-Barrak. An exhibition of medical innovations and software in the field of public health presented by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology and the cultivation of 500 seedlings and trees, to which the Al-Araqah Foundation for Culture and Development contributed.

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