Tuesday, 29 March 2022 05:37

In Cooperation with KAPITA, University of Technology Holds a Forum " START FROM THE BASIS"  

Under the sponsor of the President of U.O.T. , Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghaban, the Research and Development Division in the office of the Vice - President at U.O.T., in cooperation with KAPITA Company, held the forum “START FROM THE BASIS” within the initiative of the Orange Corners Baghdad Program for Youth Training, in Production and Metallurgy Eng. Dept. at the university, in the presence of the Vice- President for the  Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Hayder Abed Dhahad and a number of heads of departments, lecturers and students of the university.

The forum aimed to urge students to develop their ideas and develop them for developing enterprises and not to limit their thinking to employment opportunities, but rather to move towards the private sector.

 Within this initiative, the labor market, youth opportunities in the private sector, and the importance of emerging, medium and small enterprises in developing the private sector in Iraq were discussed.

 Prof. Dr. Hayder Abed Dhahad addressed the students and referred to the university vision in developing students' skills. While the head of the Research and Development Division at the university, Dr. Amjad Al-Ezzi, explained about the current programs implemented by the division for the training and development of students and the upcoming programs, their project ideas.

 The forum concluded with a detailed explanation of the concept of a business incubator presented by Dr. Mustafa Al Emara, a specialist in businesses leadership and developing programs.


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