Sunday, 03 April 2022 06:05

The University of Technology media respond to the invitation of Imam Al-Kadhim College in Wasit departments to give a joint scientific lecture

The Department of Media in Imam Al-Kadhim College / Wasit departments organized a visit to the College of Arts, Wasit University, in participated by the department's rapporteur, Dr. Hussam Al-Tamimi, and the Director of Media at the University of Technology, Lec. Dr. Sari Tahseen Rishan and third-year students of the Media Department were received by Dr. Khalaf Karim Al-Tamimi, Head of the Media Department at Wasit University, and a number of the department's Lecturers, including Dr. Maytham Faleh Al-Mousawi and Prof. Muntahder Al-Tamimi.

This visit comes in the context of field and scientific tours organized by the department in order to develop the relationship between the two parties, advance the scientific and professional reality in various means, broaden the students’ knowledge and develop their practical skills to qualify them scientifically and practically before they engage in the media labor market.

The Director of the Media Department at the University of Technology, Dr. Sari Tahsin Rishan, gave a scientific lecture aimed to identifying the concept of press news, its arts and how to write it in newspapers and media magazines, as well as the most important developments that occurred in writing the news and how the politics of the media influence and its financiers by showing a number of information and concealing others and the role of Journalist to stand in front of these challenges in writing the news.

In conclusion, Dr. Hussam Al-Tamimi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Wasit, represented by Dr. Fida Al-Mawla, for this fruitful cooperation and the warm reception of the professors and students of the Media Department.

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