Wednesday, 18 May 2022 07:07
A delegation from the Mechanical Engineering Department visits the Energy Training and Research Department at the Electricity Training Center in Baghdad
In order to enhance the self-abilities of university students and develop their scientific competence in all fields, a delegation from the University of Technology visited the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Mechanical Engineering Branch of Power Stations, the Department of Training and Energy Research at the Electricity Training Center in Baghdad, with the aim of reviewing practically and theoretically the research curricula, scientific laboratories and technical workshops, as well as The inevitable and developmental training courses offered by the center, where the university delegation represented Dr. Ali Falah Muhammad, lecturer Shaima Kazem, and students of the fourth stage of the branch. The delegation was received by the Director of the Baghdad Electricity Training Center, Engineer Selwan Sattar Abed, where he presented a summary of the training and research activities of the Department of Training and Energy Research, as well as an explanation of its plans Then, a short illustrative film was shown about the department’s facilities and departments, and through a field tour, the technical workshops and scientific laboratories of the center, especially the work of solar electrical systems and its laboratory, were shown. The work of energy production turbines, their parts and functions, and the latest findings Technology in order to increase efficiency and reduce emissions for gas production plants. And a visit to the self-control laboratory, during which Eng. Ibrahim gave a detailed explanation of the laboratory's capabilities in enhancing the practical side of the trainees.
Engineer Laith Amer Abdul Razzaq explained the mechanism of pumps and their types and the differences between the work of oil and water pumps, especially those that are involved in the work of electric power systems and turbine cooling. By the Assistant Director-General, Dr. Nassir Karim, about the importance of solar energy and the mechanism of its use to reduce emissions, ease maintenance and reduce costs. The visiting delegation expressed their overwhelming happiness for informing them practically about what is at the heart of the students' specialization, and their great thanks to the department that spared no efforts in order to build a successful and productive generation. He was able to keep pace with the wheel of scientific progress. The delegation also stressed the importance of repeated visits to exchange ideas and modern technical information, and the need to benefit from specialized competencies in the field of work in order to improve the reality of our professional students, which is reflected positively on the level of their scientific skills.
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