Sunday, 22 May 2022 06:26

The University of Technology announces the establishment of an electronic platform for research and theses

The University of Technology announces the creation of an electronic platform for collecting scientific research and theses for researchers of the University of Technology through the (Scientific Research Portal), which includes more than ten thousand research for our university researchers. As well as communicating with our university researchers directly through the means of communication on the website for each researcher on the electronic link:

The aim of establishing the platform was to raise the reality of research and scientific achievements for university researchers, and in order to provide a unified database for all the scientific achievements of our university, which is the basic building block for our university to be among the ranks of advanced universities in the fields of scientific containers and databases that contribute to providing the necessary information for researchers in order to view the The latest scientific achievements of our university, as well as citing the research carried out by university researchers, as this system was worked on by the staff of the Center for Information Technology.

The University of Technology is looking forward to be up to the aspirations of the scientific and research elite in our dear Iraq in providing all scientific and technical tools in order to facilitate the work of researchers and establish the basic building blocks for the digital transformation stage in all fields.

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