Sunday, 22 May 2022 06:51
with a large attendance, The University of Technology hosts a Ramadan evening 
In celebration of the month of goodness and blessings, the holy month of Ramadan, an evening was held under the title “Ramadan Picnic” under the patronage of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, and with the support of Korek Telecom, on the university’s gardens, amid a wonderful organization by the Student Activities Department and the team (Al-Iraqiya ).
The evening included a variety of sessions, including a scientific exhibition of devices manufactured in the Automation and Robotics Research Unit in the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, an exhibition of the products of university students and graduates, and a presentation of the craftsmanship of Iraqi innovators here as well as a tent for table games provided by Nabu and another tent for a range of cultural and recreational activities For children, presented by a Montessori club and an art exhibition, as well as folkloric art shows for university students, in addition to the main paragraph, which is the Muhaibis game between Iraqi women here on one side, and students of the internal departments on the other hand, with the participation of the beautiful Al-Baghdadi Square Band.
In the beginning, the representative of the president of the university, the assistant president of the university for administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid, and the head of the Department of Control and Systems Engineering, Dr. Azad Rahim, welcomed all the attendees from the students, affiliates, and teachers of the university, their generous families, and the university’s guests on this evening and this important social activity that contributes to strengthening relations And building bridges of affection between the university and its students, and then everyone headed to the opening of the evening’s curriculum. The atmosphere was wonderful and the attendance was large. A fun Ramadan night was held in the arms of the University of Technology. The representative of Korek Telecom, Eng. Mustafa Shehab praised the activity and all the university's activities that serve the community. The evening concluded by honoring the organizers of the activity and distributing a meal for Suhoor to male and female students of the internal departments.

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