Wednesday, 08 June 2022 06:53

Al-Gabban visit the primary students in the University

The UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghaban, checked the final exams of the 2ed semester for the students of Primary Study at Materials Eng. Dep. Civil Eng. Dep. & Architectural Eng. Dep. in the University. On Sunday, 5/6/2022.

 During the tour, there was acquaintance about the followed mechanisms’, exam questions’ style, & the plans in force during the examinations period.

During the reconnaissance tour, Al-Gabban stressed the need of providing all the required means to perform the final exams, as preparing the exams’ hall in light of high temperature, health safety measures, as well as providing all the requirements for conducting the exams.

Then he valued the efforts made by the departments’ presidency, exam committees & all cadres in serving students and providing all their needs, wishing them frequent success to serve our giver university.  

On the other hand, the UOT President attended Architecture Eng. Dep. exam for the senior projects, which included many urban projects that simulate the city of Baghdad and the developments that should accompany it in the near future.

In a related context, Vice President of Administrative Affairs/ Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim checked the exams in the university departments’, including Laser Eng. Dep., Control and Systems Eng. Dep., Petroleum Technology Dep., Biomedical Eng. Dep., and Electrical Eng. Dep.

He praised the provision of health procedures and the achievement of social distancing among students according to the recommendations of the Higher Committee for Health and Safety and the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research that were approved by the university.


Then he briefed on the exam questions’ style, the regard extent of the students’ levels, the limited time for them, the curriculum comprehensiveness & providing all necessary requirements to deliver the appropriate exam environment, stressing over the obstacles and difficulties that students face during the exams to ensure their optimal success.



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