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Mechanical Eng. Dep. hold the thirteenth student festival 2021-2022

Under the patronage of UOT President, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ghabban, & the supervision of the Head of Mechanical Eng. Dep., Dr. Muayad R. Hassan, held on Wednesday 25/5/2022, in the hall of Dr. Munir Al-Mudhafar, the thirteenth student festival for Mechanical Engineering Branch under the slogan (Mechanical Engineering and applied contributions), in cooperation with The General Company for Industrial Inspection and Rehabilitation and Baghdad Soft Drinks Company.

The festival opened with the national anthem, then a verse from the Holy Quran and Surat Al-Fatihah for the souls of our righteous martyrs. Then Dr. (Sadiq Hussein), head of the branch, gave a speech in which he explained that the Mechanics Branch in General had been established since the establishment of UOT in 1975 with the aim of preparing engineers familiar with modern scientific methods in the discipline and able to transform scientific theoretical data into practical reality through the development of scientific and practical capabilities and analytical.

The festival included a number of scientific lectures, the first one: (Orthodontics and Mechanical Engineering) delivered by Dr. Ammar S. Khadim from College of Dentistry / University of Baghdad, , the second lectures one (The Role of Engineers in the Advancement of National Industry) delivered by Chief Eng. Star L. Hassan, Director of Production Operations Department at Baghdad Soft Drinks Company. The third one (Inspection and Engineering Rehabilitation: Tests, Consulting, Researches and Work Services), that delivered by Chief Eng. Ahmed A. Ajlan from the General Company for Engineering Examination and Qualification at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

  As well as a number of graduation projects for seniors were also discussed at a scientific atmosphere that promotes valuable scientific discussions.

At the end of the festival, certificates of appreciation and shields were distributed to the participating lecturers and students, then the graduation projects of seniors were presented, and the audience reviewed them, wishing them success in their scientific career.



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